Creating Folders

Every account starts out with five folders: Inbox, Junk Mail, Sent, Trash, and Draft.

You can, however, add as many folders as you like to help organize your email. To do this:

  1. Click the Mail Home tab to bring up your folder options.
  2. Click the Create/Edit Folders link.


  1. Click the Email Features link to go to the Email Features screen.
  2. Click the Create and Edit Folders link.
  3. The Email Features: Create and Edit Folders screen will appear.
  1. Next to Create Folder, type in the name of the new folder you want to create.
  1. Click Create to make the new folder.
  2. Your new folder will now be listed among the rest of the folders at the top of the screen.

Your new folder will be empty at first. To fill it with messages, you will have to move email from another folder, such as your Inbox, to your new folder. For instructions on how to do this, please visit the page about how to move messages to different folders.

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