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Rich Text Editor

What is Rich Text Editor?

A recent addition to emailMyName is the Rich Text Editor. This feature allows you to write, forward and reply to email messages with new fonts, colors and animated icons. With the Rich Text Editor you can now use paragraph formatting, add a numbered list, underline, bold, and italicize selected text.


There are many features available with the Rich Text Editor: Font Type, Font Color, Indent Left/Right, Highlighting, Bulleting Points, and many more. To use these features, select the text or area you would like to change and click the appropriate button above the message to perform the action.

For a single space between lines of text in the editor, press SHIFT + ENTER. Please note that due to this the alignment, indentation and bullets/numbering features may not work as expected.

What is Plain Text?

Plain text allows you to compose email without any formatting commands like font color, background color etc., If you do not want to take advantage of the Rich Text Editor, you can select >>Switch to Plain Text. If you decide that you would like to use some of the new features, you can select >>Switch to Rich Text and all of the options will appear on screen.

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