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Photos and Images

If you receive an attachment that is a visual file, it will appear in the Photos and Images section below the main text of the message. The attachment will appear in this section with an icon representing the file type: .jpg, .bmp, .gif .

Login in to Email on the Web by visiting

Go to your Inbox and open the mail, which has the attachment in it.

You can select to view the images as thumbnails to preview them before opening the file in the Photo Viewer.

To View the Images as Thumbnails
  1. Check the box: Show Thumbnails.

  2. The images will appear in their corresponding box as thumbnails.
To View an Attachment
  1. Select the magnifying glass at the bottom right of the attachment.
  2. The image will appear in the Photo Viewer.
  3. If there are multiple attachments, use the Previous

    and Next

    buttons to browse through all of the images.
To Save the Attachment
  1. Open the attachment by clicking on the magnifying glass on the bottom right of the attachment box.
  2. The image will appear in the Photo Viewer.
  3. Click Save original image to my computer.

  4. Select the location on your hard drive or disk and click Save.

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