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Email Features - My Information

On the My Information section of the Email Features menu, you can do the following:

Modify Name - Change your name as it appears in your outgoing mail.
Signature - Add a custom signature to your outgoing messages.
My Password - Change your password for emailMyName Email account.
My Account - View your emailMyName Account Summary and Billing History.
Create Email Address - Create another Email address for friends and Family.
Check other Email - Check another emailMyName account.

Modify Name

  1. Type your name in the box as you would like to see it displayed in the From: line of your messages.
  1. Click Save to save your changes, or click Cancel to cancel your changes.


  1. In the Signature box, enter up to 400 characters, or 5 lines of text that you would like to attach to the bottom of all your outgoing messages.
  1. If you would like to add your signature to all outgoing messages, click the checkbox next to Add signature to all outgoing mails.
  2. Click Save to save your changes, or click Cancel to cancel your changes.

My Password

  1. Enter your email address, current password, new password, and new password again.
  2. Click Submit to change your password, or Clear Form to start over.

My Account

  1. Click here to access your emailMyName Account Summary and Billing History..

Create Email Address

  1. Go through the steps to create a new emailMyName account. For more details, click here.

Check other Email

  1. You can check another emailMyName account simply by entering the new email address and password then clicking Sign In.

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