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What is emailMyName?

emailMyName is a better way to stay in touch with friends and family. It is personalized email with the features you want, the reliability you need, at a price you can afford. With your emailMyName account, you get:

  • A Personalized Email Address
    Friends and family members will always know how to contact you when your email address is personalized and easy to remember. Why settle for an email address that looks like With emailMyName you'll get an address more like

  • 1 GB (1024 megabytes) of Storage
    We know it is important that you receive every email your friends and family send you. That's why emailMyName allows you to store up to 1 GB of email messages.

    Receive a lot of photos or file attachments? That's no problem either. Storage is not an issue with 1 GB (1024 megabytes) of storage for your email, digital photos and attachments.

  • No Advertising
    Free and even other premium email services clutter your mail interface with ads and your inbox with email advertisements. emailMyName does not show third-party advertising in your mail interface and does not send email advertisements on behalf of third parties.

  • Less Spam
    emailMyName blocks more than 90% of junk mail.

  • More Tools
    With emailMyName, you get more tools to manage your email such as block lists and mail filters to help keep your email private and your inbox free of offensive material and junk mail.

  • Check Other Email Accounts
    Check all your email from one convenient place. emailMyName is your email central when it comes to managing multiple email accounts. Not only can you send and receive email using your personalized emailMyName email address, emailMyName can deliver email from your other email addresses right to your emailMyName inbox.

  • Web and POP Access
    Access your email wherever you are with the easy-to-use Web-based email interface at Or, if you prefer, you can check your email using Outlook Express or any other email program that supports the POP protocol.

  • More Money in Your Pocket
    At only $1.99/month, emailMyName is the affordable choice for personalized email. More features for less money makes the value unbeatable.

    With more features, more privacy, less spam and a personalized email address, you can't afford not to get emailMyName today!

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Price:$1.99 per month, billed $23.88 annually
Storage:1 GB (1024 megabytes) of storage for email, photos and file attachments
Address book capacity:5000 contacts
Maximum Sort & Delete Settings:75
Block list capacity:1500 email addresses
Total size of attachments per email (sending):25 MB
Individual message size limit (sending):25 MB
Email access methods:Via Web-based mail interface at or any email program that supports POP3 such as Outlook Express
Check other mail accounts:Check up to 5 external mail accounts that support POP access
Mail forwarding:Yes, to any email address
Mail search:Yes
Personalized email address:Yes

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