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Deleting Folders

If you want to delete a folder you created in emailMyName, you can do this from the Mail Home or Email Features pages.

  1. Click the Mail Home tab to bring up your folder options.
  2. Click the Create/Edit Folders link.


  1. Click the Email Features link to go to the Email Features screen.
  2. Click the Create and Edit Folders link.
  3. The Email Features: Create and Edit Folders screen will appear.
  1. Next to Delete Folder, click the dropdown menu to select the folder you want to remove.
  2. Click Delete to erase the folder.

Note: If you try to delete a folder that has an active Sort & Delete Setting associated with it, you will get a warning screen telling you that the Sort & Delete Setting will now send new email to your Inbox. Click OK to proceed with the deletion, or Cancel to cancel the process.

You will need to edit your Sort & Delete Setting to re-direct mail to a new folder other than the Inbox. For instructions on how to edit Sort & Delete Settings, click here.

  1. Your created folder will now be removed from the list of folders at the top of the screen.

Note: If you delete a folder with messages in it, all the messages from that folder will be moved to the Trash folder. All messages left in the Trash folder after you log out of emailMyName will be permanently erased. To save messages from this fate, you can always take messages out of the Trash folder and move them to your Inbox, or another folder you created. This does not include the Sent or Draft folders.

For instructions on how to do this, see the page discussing how to move messages to different folders.

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