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Why does it take so long to transfer my mail?

If you are noticing slow mail transfer times or cancel the connection because the mail transfer is so slow, it could be for several reasons.

You may be experiencing network traffic, network problems, or line noise. Alternately, your modem may not be set up properly, or you may be downloading a large amount of mail.

If you experience slow mail transfers only occasionally, then you may be downloading large amounts of mail (for example, messages with attachments) or experiencing a temporary network problem.

If your connections are always slow, below are a list of steps you can take to troubleshoot this problem:

  • If you usually cancel a slow mail transfer, try not to - you may be downloading a very large amount of mail or a very large attachment, and if you cancel before the transfer is over, emailMyName will attempt to download the same messages the next time you connect.

  • Try connecting at a different time of day. If your mail transfers return to normal, then the access number you were using was experiencing a heavy volume of traffic. Contact your Internet Service Provider for instructions on how to change your access numbers.

  • If the previous steps do not resolve your problem, then your modem may not set up properly, and it may be able to transmit data only at slower speeds (if it is able to transmit data at all). You can try uninstalling and reinstalling your modem.

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