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Error - Mail quota exceeded

If you send a message to a emailMyName member and it is returned with the message "Mail quota exceeded," then this emailMyName member's mailbox is full or the account is inactive:

  • A "full mailbox" means that this member has reached the limit for how much mail he or she can store on emailMyName's central computers.

  • An "inactive account" means that that this member has not used his or her account for at least 60 days. When an account is inactive, any mail that has not been picked up in at least 60 days is deleted and any new mail is returned to its sender. Unfortunately, deleted mail cannot be restored.

In both cases, try to contact this person and let them know that they need to check their emailMyName mail. If a person has a full mailbox, checking their emailMyName mail will download all their messages from emailMyName's central computers and will empty their mailbox. If a person's account is inactive, checking their emailMyName mail will reactivate their account. Once they check their emailMyName mail, you'll be able to send email messages to this person.

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