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Email ComparisonemailMyName†Yahoo! Mail Plus w/
Personal Address*
Hotmail Plus w/
Personal Address*
Account Features
Price$23.88 / year$54.99 / year$54.90 / year
Personalized Email Address
Storage1 GB2 GB2 GB
Spam Protection
No Ads
Mail Forwarding
POP Access
Check Other Email Addresses
Sort & Delete Settings755036
Block List Addresses1500500500
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† Service billed upfront for a non-refundable yearly cost of $23.88. The emailMyName mail interface is free of third-party banner ads and pop-ups. For more details and limitations, click here.
* Comparison based on standard pricing as of 2/1/2006 for Yahoo! Mail Plus service with personal address feature and Hotmail Plus service with personal address feature.
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